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High Desert Cowboys is a Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) club, one of many clubs worldwide that participate in CAS. If you are interested in trying CAS out please contact us to get started.

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The High Desert Cowboys are affiliated with the Desert Marksmen Rifle and Pistol Club. Visit

Message from Doc

Monthly Match Report for February

WELL, HEY HOWDY THERE BUCKAROOS! This here’s yer ole pard, Doc Silverhawks, with a reportin of the happenins at our High Desert Cowboys, monthly shootin match fer February.

Well, Winter was in the air, with cold temperatures and stiff breezes, but no less than eight hearty souls turned out to enjoy the brisk weather and a fun filled match. We saw the return of our own Bungalow Bill and Rainbow Dancer, after a few months off to heal up from an important surgery, and boy howdy was we ever glad to see them two! Everyone was in good spirits and on their game, ifen you know what I mean, and even yours truly had himself a really good day. All in all, we shot five fun filled stages that had us pleased and perplexed, just as it should be. We had us a visitor, out for his second time, and I don’t think it will be long until he is shootin with us, regular. Once the shootin had stopped and the dust had settled, we wrangled steel and headed over to our favorite waterin hole fer some relaxin and ruminatin.

As always, ifen yer interested in Cowboy Action, or ifen ya just wanna come up and watch, well, youd be more than welcome. So, until next month remember to ride tall, shoot straight, and always speak the truth.

Yer Pard
Doc Silverhawks
SASS Regulator #24427